How to make smart investments in technology can improve business

Technology in any business to succeed in the current business environment is a basis. Any business of any size or industry, technology has the potential to promote and increase in profits is a required element. Technology is a business investment and should be able to maintain success. Identify your business to invest money, technology must:

1. get in line with business goals
2. provide critical business works in high quality
3. classy and distribute specified service level
4. provide risk mitigation strategy
5. maintain cost effectiveness

Its technology meets the above requirements?

Align technology with business objectives to increase effectiveness and investment is very important to ensure the continuation of. Technology business operations, business projects and to facilitate the anticipated business development by business goals should be a guide to complete. Develop a technology strategy with business goals is essential and in line for the technology strategy to guarantee compliance with measured and must be managed.

When effectively implemented, acts that important business technology sales & marketing, strategic planning, finance and accounting, human resources, customer service, operations, construction and production, etc. are recognized or high quality technology service delivery service levels that meet business needs provides technology services means to keep business running smoothly are present when necessary. The level of priority service extension technology strategy business must keep running.

Senior management should verify how much risk a trade threat to withstand. Technology strategies technology systems recommended for risk mitigation and improvement strategy should say.

Technology expenditures incurred costs and both are included in the cost of capital. Initial capital outlays are expensive, and technology changes quickly, which leaves the old technology obsolete. Technology strategy innovations and upgrades to capital should plan to spend. Technology maintenance and operation is usually about 65% of an it budget consumed. Cost efficiency to maintain, a simple is not require. Operational efficiency and overall performance of the active solution to enhance the effects of your technology investments provide ways.

How technology can improve my business managed services?

Technology managed services experienced it specialists for some or all of the maintenance and operation of infrastructure technology outsourcing. When you compare, you ’ the service provider helpdesk They or their existing technology staff is your technology investment, which helps improve your business’s general performance increase will find out by adding value.

Offer the best of all MSP MSP business customers are not, but:

1. cost effectiveness
2. great service levels
3. risk reduction strategy
4. high quality technology distribution
5. technology strategy planning

In addition, to provide minimum support price:

1. useful information on how to manage services solution helps improve your business

2. useful information and knowledge with their business provides managed services to help identify

3. a no obligation evaluation of your current technology environment and manage meeting services to give a recommended move.

Experienced technology experts an ideal outsourcing your technology investment to get the most out of the instrument, and it can also help you focus on your business helps.

Latest HP LTO-6 using data backup technology

Event information is important for their survival and ensure that always requires that important information is safely stored on is available. So you always are given, if it goes wrong, your organization will not need backup can get information about. Is your organization a backup normally is stored as per use, and information stored in the HP LTO-6 is an option that will give you the solution you need.

LTO set

Open storage technology based on the tape and the linear tape format open. Open format means that the product should be compatible to various sources allows a second data storage. Open format because LTO storage industry has been licensed by established organizations. This means that you, compatible cartridge and tape drive that you can choose from a wide range.

LTO technology progress

Before the first generation LTO technology with the LTO was introduced in 2000, the next generation & transmission speed and production capacity is to come up with a high level were carried out on a regular basis. With each new generation, new features also ensure that data has been added to better protected. It is that each new generation that came before it was fully compatible with the is required. Thus, HP LTO 5 cartridge available 6 days and also can read LTO 4 cartridges.

Non-Aligned Movement

Read many (worm), which means that your data cannot be erased or overwritten a LTO-record your features have not changed. Data encryption is also an important aspect of the LTO; When the tape cartridge and stored during transportation ensures the privacy and security of your data. HP LTO 6, before the ability to compress data as tape allows encrypted first. Such linear components files as system files (law) and LTO Tape space management through separation that effective control is found in the latest generation ensures.

6 Viet Nam

LTO technology and data when the data is now in its 6th generation compact, 6.25 TB maximum capacity 2.5 terabytes (TB) of uncompressed storage capacity was launched. Compact compression ratio 2.5 LTO-1 of the sixth generation. Previous compression generations: 2. recording speed/ 400 MB uncompressed 160MB growth rate data transmission, compression/ Set s LTO 6 linear recording system recording data (law) of the tape thing file attributes (a worm), as well as data encryption and split many even read the covers.


HP LTO Tape recording and tape the length of the 6 tracks specifies the number density. Usually feeds the longevity of life for millions of passes. Every time I go to tape shows to change. A backup or a thousand, and will depend on the amount of recorded data.